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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 14, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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a clerk and wished her a happy valentine's day. the old fashioned civil disobedience they took a seat on the floor and sang a love song. (what the worlds ) >>reporter: after 10 minutes, the announced to clear out. >> i now announce that it is pleased disperse immediately. >>reporter: officers helped people to their feet and led them away. each protester was cited released and they were proven a point. of the opposite sex marriages were going all day long. in san francisco, jeff bush. kron 4 news. >>catherine: and the governor promised tax governor brown suggesting to the thin the prison
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population to put non- violent into county jails. and thousands are falling into that category. several county jails do not have the space for an extra prisoners. >>reporter: this is a look inside the san mateo gel that is already overcrowded and pest 120%. the release room where there is not even enough space for belongings. at times there is barely enough to jump suits. the san mateo county says that this proposal could increase the jail population by 40 percent. to bring in and 400 additional prisoners the could burst an already stretched system. right now it is so jammed packed that they have too small to-purpose from like this one. they're supposed to be off limits for non prisoners. this was not designed for that with metal and electrical outlets which
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are not supposed to be in cells. with eight prisoners and in this room. and it's the governor's proposal goes through? this could put them at 120% above capacity and what this facility was built for. christine connolly, kron 4 news. >>catherine: the sheriff's office says it is already going into scan and the san mateo. to reduce jail population and the sheriff's department is worried that this will still happen. >> and these people still need to be in and this facility for public safety. to add thousands to the population? the people that would be in until that would be on the street. with misdemeanors, drunk driving, things that are repeat offenders. and they cause and pose a threat to the
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community. people arrested on warrants, and thought. >>catherine: the department of corrections says that it makes sense because low- level offenders into the community and close to services they are going to need. a california prison officials want to stop the use of cellphones. last year, they seized over 11,000. nearly 11,000 in even the summer planning extortions and assaults. even fame, charles manson was caught with a cellphone. the search for the of dr. is over. this body was-the of doctor-of jose rodriguez. the same area of the of dr.
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kidnapper. >> in this fisherman, and dr. costa county, where his fishing boat was found. le was went missing on a january 22nd pick. his and the boat was found on the big break. this wet weather is back. rain and around the bay. cars with headlights, and there was a similar scene >> jacqueline: as we look at the wet pavement over the golden gate. he still cloudy, cool the the rain has been a very light and the san jose with traces
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reported today. your stormtracker 4 radar just traces. however, we are showing that it is under the rider a level at below 4,000 ft.. and we are seeing more rainfall than we are seeing and as we continue towards tomorrow. in terms of tens? is going to be cold and windy. 50s to work with city, hayward, livermore, and more with weather and cooler temperatures. i will have details on that coming up. >>catherine: and lessen one week and the chinese new year to bay area legislators or banning the possession, sale and distribution of shark fin soup. and this delicacy is up to $40 per bowl. it is a barbaric and krolkrolkroit is c
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this bill is introduced and hoping to be passed. >> and with the james lick, and perhaps a bit more crowded. traffic is moving slowly as the lower deck approach to the bay bridge. stay with us. we will be back after this break. ♪
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>>catherine: get ready, this pillow fight club scheduled a live shot. justice herman plaza in the san francisco they're going to do this at 6:00 p.m. and we're wondering if this wet weather would keep them away? it did not. and there are getting ready to get going at 6:00 p.m. now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. these rules and present residential barkley could be pretty clear-cut. however,
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if you are visiting? in a non-resident without a permit over two hours you can still get a parking ticket even if you move your car. you can still get a ticket even if you move your core. according to the berkeley municipal code after two hours without a permit have to be moved. >> they say you have to move onto another block. you cannot look down the street. >> and american rule that they have to move before the could report. -and on written rule. non-written rule. and i cannot see one side of of this one block rule. if someone was visiting with the first time how would they know this? and if you think berkeley is alone? guess again. other cities have leaked out disinformation and drivers are cited. and for berkeley? please inform us
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that we do not know to not let drivers just try to guess the law. in berkeley. stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >>catherine: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m >> jacqueline: a look in our extended forecast it is not going to be the only rainfall. shower activity for the rest of this week.
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>>catherine: and honduras, a small commercial airline killed 14 people. on this crash and the government official was one of them. it was during a routine scheduled flight this morning. three days of national mourning and honor of the victims. also, to stop are protesting with a sense of normalcy to the
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country. thousands of state employees for protesting for better pay and better conditions. >> yeman, thousands of university students and law makers were marching in the capital city. demanding political reform and also what officials to leave office. and the rai ran this is the deal from people streaming into dutch government slogans. with anti-government-slogans. >> and of palestine, building a new government after palestinian presidential and legislative elections will happen before september. >> tiger woods has been
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falling for spitting. find-- the two at the dubai classic. and it is a breach of the torque code of conduct. and he said on twitter that he was right and it was inconsiderate and i know better i was not thinking. and i want to say i am sorry. the tour is not saying how much the fine was for. >> the giants had a spring training. the pending world series champions have a miniature replica of the world series banner. this full squad is going to report on friday. the defending world champions are expecting record numbers of fans to flock to arizona to see these players. the 80s will also report to phoenix, tomorrow the 80s. be a's >>reporter: >> jacqueline: >> with tomorrow, a lot
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heavier conditions and stronger. stormtracker 4 system is on the north and the tail end double west coast. already breathing heavy rain to seattle, portland and now approaching with in california. we will see it pushed into the north bay at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow shower activity to the north bay. a.m.-9:00 a.m. in a band of heavy rainfall through santa rosa but i think it is going to be perhaps even heavier. and heavy rain, early through santa rosa, petaluma and this is going to start to stall over the north bay by 1:00 p.m. and by 1:00 p.m., and south of the golden gate in the afternoon. and continuing to push itself by 9:00 p.m. and pockets of heavy rainfall. notice how fast it is going to be going through it will be finished by midnight. and b 3:00
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3:00 a.m., the shower activity will continue attempts for tomorrow will be mostly 50s, 57 degrees in santa rosa, 66 in richmond, and low 60s to the peninsula. and this storm is winter from quite a bit of snowfall to the sierras. and with curly, dry conditions for january and also this month. also winter storm warning for lake tahoe area and water storm watch look of these totals! 3 ft.- 5 ft. at higher elevations above 7,000 ft.. 13-2 ft. at lake level. with gusting over 100 m.p.h. wind. and at lake level, 1 ft.-to feed expected of snowfall. and with showers expecting towards wednesday. blustery, cool wednesday, thursday and also chilly in the morning. as the good towards freda,
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with a slight chance of lingering shower activity through friday. and a dry out towards the weekend. >>catherine: internet reporter, kimberly sakamoto of take a look at this. >> kimberlee: of really bad fall at the grammys. the back up to answer. and if you want to take a look of the dancer--the backup ahe is grabbing his back in pain. from one bed to another amazing. like griffith of the l.a. clippers. he turned into a super man with a two-the of pretty amazing! and swatch using twitter in a very unusual way. and a fashion- themed party. she it showed up and the dress with 170
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watches. and some of these were offered free, of of this address. it was completely taken down in less than one our office- dress. as you can see she was not completely undressed she had a sheath . catherine? >>catherine: it is looking pretty decent in both directions and today, the james lick it is the heavier in all directions. south, and towards the bay bridge. stay with us. we will be back after this break.
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>>catherine: the sunny erickson is officially so
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leaked erickson, will the of the it is this only erickson to. it was of the tech center iin spain and how popular how fun the police station portable and a sony is also going into the high- end sony--erickson. with plenty of great gaming, 4 in. speakers, a great gaming device and a fully functional smart phone. and with google and troy, operating system and with the google earth android
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will have to see how a important this will work? with the new hybrid phone /gaming. the price is not known. it should hit the market and three weeks. >>catherine: valentine's day, some people to their shopping on them tv. using group on and saying that they actually spent more with ftd inflated prices with a $20 coupon of spending $40 or more. and now they have decided to offer a refund. anybody that made a purchase would get the purchase of the sale
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price. even if they did not ask for it, they can get a full refund even if they're not still satisfied. >> chocolate cherry stout and new jersey. and with a lot of chocolate. available all over the country. others celebrating with a whiting and new-york 14 a wedding. the empire state building this is the only day that chicken get married at the landmark building. there have them several weddings here at this beautiful wedding manual. the wedding staempire state building this is the only did they you can get married. >> and this pillow
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fight is action going on the way. even with the wet weather.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>catherine: tonight, we're falling big budget news the president is following a huge plants with big cuts. >> these cuts will be necessary. >> added san jose, a 110th and the dollar budget deficit. and a $110 million budget deficit. and how much some city leaders are making in the mayor will speak about the fiscal >> the budget shortfall and the san jose with public employee pensions. because of these pensions they could be effected by living budget cuts. all city employes could be taken and passed to take a 10% pay cut. >> if we do not give any
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concessions? 20 percent of the work force. that is 1000-call hundred could of their jobs eliminated. and- 1000-1200. and we are asking for concessions and we are looking for money everywhere we can to cuavoid cutting services. pensions are going up. >> a gathering of pension reform is going to be a top priority. top contract will be with him for reunions. virtually every sector is under review and could face steep budget cuts. >> san jose are wasting no time. city hall employees spend their lunch hour. asking for support and the written valentines to the city council describing their job and wife lay off
6:01 pm
could only hurt the city. >> these are the jobs that we two. it is not just a line on the piece of paper is a function. it actually impacts a lot of groups, organizations. we are trying to get the word out to work with the city and we understand that the city is having these challenges. we would like to try alternatives. fed >> and a message to the mayor to reconsider what your doing. and look at us as people not just us as a number. >>catherine: in addition to a 10% pay cut, the pension reform would curb and the unused sick days and unused vacation times. and with millions paid with unused sick days and unused vacation and currently, they are creating a lot of hard ships. kron 4 shows us how
6:02 pm
much employers are making teresa estacio >> highest plate was the chief of police and the san jose was $534,000. 327,000 was vacation and sick leave pay out. he retired last year. and with the fire department the second- highest at 430,000. 311,000 was in a vacation leave pay. you paid for it. city officials say that because of city contracts the city was forced to pay out $40 million in taxpayer money in the 6/vacation pay to 6000 employees. 40 million is enough 10-15 million of libraries. a 6-1/7 librariefire stations. with 14
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million---and if they have a 110 >> in dollar deficit. for the san jose list? entirely >>catherine: the east bay, one half a dozen armed robberies. they have seen a fight in hayward, and to in fremont. what investigators are low looking for with those two robberies in fremont. surveillance video wanted for owning up this right a drugstore in fremont. fremont police have a few days later the same suspect from a subway sandwich shop a block away. and hayward are saying that the descriptions match. with five right aide said and some subway shops were this one employee had been pistol whipped. and it is similar
6:04 pm
to each case he pretends to be a customer and pulls out a gun before he gets away on foot. he is described as an african-american male the mid-20s, a skinny build, and in some cases he wears a red hooded sweatshirt and a black baseball cap. fremont/hayward police investigators are looking for surveillance video and courted the their efforts before he strikes again. they're offering up to $5,000. and he's right a peakright aide cases, according their efforts. >>catherine: this was through san francisco. if you're going out tonight? to bring an umbrella. tomorrow? jacqueline? >> jacqueline: catherine, we are still seeing rain fall but it is not deterring these people from the bell on tie state pillow fight.
6:05 pm
it is still pretty shy worry for the valentine stay below fighfellow flight-to-and with our stormtracker 4 radar, some spotty radar. this radar is showing that has been below this 4000 level mark. in the north bay, shower conditions with reporters of the bench in santa rosa. less than one have been mentioned petaluma, for tense in napa. two tense and about san francisco. this is what we will see tonight and into tomorrow. shower activity if the of valentine's plans? to bring your umbrella. tomorrow, heavy rainfall in the north bay. it will still al stay in the north bay---- ash and also the time it out on futurecast. and
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maureen kelly? she is tracking the weather in san francisco and the north bay. >> you have to watch your step on the embarcadero with waves crashing into the sea wall. up and over the role with gusting conditions and high tide. the highest and the second highest of the winter and plenty of rain and puddles to avoid is anywhere in this county. those out and about have to get out their umbrellas. the blustery day. drivers of the windshield wipers going and not everybody. you can see the tire that ended up in this little one. the c h p says that this driver was going too fast and ended up in this lagoon. >> the live ballantine state tradition. through san francisco it is the live valentine state tradition.
6:07 pm
hundreds of people to this this is the sixth year. the city has to generally have $35,000 to clean it up. and they cannot crack down on the organizers because they do not know who they are for this pillow fight. ♪ [ female announcer ] starbucks via is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself.
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da lin and national news, this man was accused of shooting another man on campus. they began arguing with this morning one pulled a gun and shot the other and the hand. the university issued a campus alert to stay inside. >>catherine: this wild bison migrated from yellowstone. feel law allows for the slaughter. they can carry reproductive diseases
6:11 pm
and even contaminate livestock. and this killing did not stop the killing setting that it is legitimate. >>catherine: good news for recovery of the efforts. she cannot get out of bed, walk. and even have conversation. and in fact cover of giffords is trying so hard that the doctor is requesting that she slow down. she was shot in the head one month ago in tucson, ariz.. >> jacqueline: showers on when to come on-off will time it out on futurecast.
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>>catherine: president obama is slashing $400 billion over the next 10 years. this proposal is finding no love from democrats or republicans.
6:15 pm
republicans say it is not go far enough. democrats say too much. with higher taxes on the wealthy, oil companies and nearly 3000 pages! the white house budget proposal ended with a a thud. >> this is valentine's day but not what i wanted. da lin tough love. >> cutting things that i care deeply about >>catherine: . tough love. >> and if we're going to walk the walk? this is necessary. >>catherine: 3.7 trillion dollars the big entitlements social security and medicaid eat up one half the total. the pentagon and treasury with nearly one half a billion on interest on the national debt. the other federal departments one-half full of less to spend.
6:16 pm
fema, the epa, and the drug enforcement administration will of deep cuts. and helping poor people assistant heating bills would also be reduced. high speed train, clean energy republicans pounced that it will do nothing to reduce the national debt. >> we're going to spend 46 trillion dollars over the next 10 years? this is not an obscure budget. >>catherine: the budget will increase shipments, but it will is hoping that it will long-term decrease. and with california voters refusing to extend a detaxes and fees. that is part of jerry brown's big idea. and what is going to happen?
6:17 pm
>> with a program, nation and extension of taxes and fees. the real question is that wimpact? what is that in terms of additional cuts? to put that into the legislative analyst's. here are the options with a 9% reduction pay reduction and a 35 percent reduction to employees' health care. increasing k-3 school crosses feet betweeschool-size,g fee at the college level. and requiring the second tenths word strike before serious and violent crimes, only. firefighting ft. for residential properties in certain areas. a lot of additional impacts if voters reject this. >>catherine: to clarify these are just some of the
6:18 pm
ideas and it could still could change? >>reporter: yes. the state legislature passed and passed this panel to look at this and what people are really looking at when they are voting? >>catherine: thing two, stan. and with a 65 year-old man. where they do, dan and--this body was found friday night. and the 100 block of a porsche st. they found obvious signs of trauma and the 40's are wedding for th wawaiting for thy report. the man suspected of kidnapping a juliani cardenas. it is the same area where authorities found
6:19 pm
his car and it is just on the canal where the body of the boy was found. rodriguez is suspected of the kidnapping last month. the family of juliani cardenas will have a private service on friday. the mother is saying that she has plans to honor his life by naming her unborn child, juliani. (music) >> jacqueline: stormtracker 4 radar, light shower activity but the big punch is yet to come. the tail end is over the west coast. portland, seattle, and heavy bouts of northern california. this will start to push into the bay iraq tomorrow morning. scattered light shower the bay-area, and elvinotice it is going to be mainly in the
6:20 pm
north bay. with bouts of moderate rainfall to the north bay. 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. and pushing to the south. 6:00 p.m., still heavy and rushing to the south bay by midnight. was a light shower activity filling in. a few inches of rainfall in the north bay. 1 in., elsewhere in gusting winds. take a look. the with 20 m.p.h. by noon. 33 m.p.h. in fairfield and continuing in the afternoon still gusty. much more when the band today. to get your equipment ready. and for the sierras they're been waiting for this for a long time tomorrow, heavy snowfall. and 1 ft.-2 ft. at lake level. 3 ft.-5 ft. above the 7,000 ft.. if you
6:21 pm
are traveling to the sierras? please be careful on that high wind. however, there will be fresh powder. a look a your seven day a run the bay kron 4 forecast with temperatures are going to drop morning and night. a blustery and cool in the afternoon. the snow levels are going to drops a wicked a light dusting of snowfall. we could get-a light dusting. and we see a dry out towards the weekend. >>catherine: some people are calling this a valentine's hallmark holiday. a lot of people are making money on this. it is strong for the entire economy. americans will spend $18.6 billion on flowers, gifts, chocolate. that is about $125 per person and men spend more. abou $$158 = mend. $78 = woman.
6:22 pm
$158 the policemen. and $8 billion on the valentine's day meals. kron4's into the reporter templatkimberly? >> yes, and let us take a look if the open to the website. its highlights some tables still available. and with 5:00 p.m. reservations are already gone. there are a 9:00 p.m. a reservation and 300 reservations in san francisco. perhaps it is not that the great restaurant. and this is an italian restaurant. 9, 930 and with more casual? this at embarcadero has several times a billable. and late
6:23 pm
night state? black angus is still available. and a line encompass and sunnyvale. and if you like to see the rest? if you would like to read more about this or any other segments, go to what's on the web section at the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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>> kimberlee: in the buzz, charlie sheen was hospitalized when the party 36 hours straight. and he passed two different protests. and since he began his and home rehabilitation he has passed two different drug tests. and he is enjoying his new sobriety and is ready to go back to work. tiger woods will be fined with a breach of a
6:27 pm
code of conduct. as he was contemplating a of a whole. he said that he was wrong and he knew that it was not right. up spendinspitting. prince williams passed his brother to be his best man. and the bride will ask sister. with four bridesmaids into pageboys. and to pageboys. stay with us. there will be to page boys for the wedding. there will be two of them.
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now at 6:30, our top stories. more news, more crews, right now our top stories. >> jacqueline: the top story tonight is the rainfall. paling into comparison what will see tomorrow. tomorrow,
6:30 pm
heavy rainfall will move into the north bay and a stall for several hours. and heavy rain and wind expecting gusting up to 20 m.p.h. yeah the bay-area wide. not just tomorrow but also similar to what we saw today with shower conditions bluster, cool on wednesday. and even dusting of snowfall. as this pushes through with rainfall lingering for the rest of this week. >>reporter: the first of a series of storms has caused and wet and blustery conditions. waves crashing over the sea wall of the embarcadero. and 1 marin county residents have to bust out rain gear and wind shield to get this get to this + 3 day. maureen kelly. >>reporter: this subway is the latest to be held up by a suspected serial robber. he is described as an african-american male, 5 in.
6:31 pm
feet 10 in., and he is wearing a red hooded sweatshirt and a black baseball cap. with a smaller build, and he is linked to five upbraid aid and other subway shops. haazig madyun >>catherine: and the president has offered his budget with cutting trillions over the next decade. with expansion of some and spending and some areas like the epa, and the fta will lose funding. >>reporter: with the governor's plan to balance the budget? that question was put legislative analyst's to this to the california. what these options. it could lead to
6:32 pm
increasing class size for k- 3. it could cut the lead to tuition level increases at the college level and additional pay cut for is state workers. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >>reporter: san francisco, the gallon of gas is going to get $4 per gallon before memorial day. according to experts and that is normally when it is an increased demand. prices could keep climbing. and some places in the bay iraq sought over $4 of the sense and the reason? and the bay-area. and with more on rest in the middle east more unsettled conditions in the middle east. >>reporter: the $110 million budget deficit with workers taking a 10% pay cut request. and worst case scenario that one-in-five or
6:33 pm
1200 city workers could be laid off. and also to one police officers could be laid off. retirement reform and also the possibility of raising taxes. and san francisco, rob fladeboe. >> added 76, the caltran it is havi four a one of the for the public meetings of how the would want caltrain to balance its budget. they have been in trouble for quite some time. with reduction of service formed dd trains to 40 trains of the weekend. and it is proposed of getting rid of weekend service, entirely. racing paris, and a combination or all three freezing-fair prices. raising fair prices cured and asking people for their input. what we have heard in meetings is that people do
6:34 pm
not want to see services cut they would rather see an increase and affairs. -and they would rather see an increase in fares. however, if these cuts? those trains would not be as often as commuters would not want that. >>reporter: same-sex couples, were denied by the city clerk. this is an annual tradition/protest against proposition 8. today, it prohibits same sex and marriage. with sthe sheriff warning people to leave the room but there were not and peacefully taken away processed, arrested, released. jeff
6:35 pm
bush, gabe slate tech report >> the mall world congress shown in barcelona, spain. and i have not seen it yet. however, sony is convinced that people's minds will change on the world of the gaming and smart phones. and this experience will totally change. sony has blended this ft. height and had held gaming and a slight out gaming council. with buttons, touch bad, icons, circle, crows, square, touching, and with icons,
6:36 pm
and stereo speakers, and it is a gaming device and also a fully functional smart phone. the google and ric androd and i concede that if somebody would like their approval android but would want more gaming? if this new hybrid will fail or succeed. this will hit the market in three weeks, no price known yet. this will be on the verizon network. follow me on twitter. and i will let you know one that review will be hearing. i will get my hand on one of those soon and i will let you know. >>catherine: a look a
6:37 pm
traffic and we're back it's really delicious, mom.
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now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> the rules for presidential berkeley parking seem to be a practical. for residential, and if you're visiting? it is pretty clear-cut. if you have a permit? you could still get a ticket. you heard me right, you can still get a ticket even if you move your car. according to the berkeley municipal code after two hours a vehicle without a permit has to be moved. >> this to you have to move onto another city block to cannot live just on the street. >> and of requiring drivers to go one block away. if you do not? you will get a ticket, or perhaps even two different parking tickets. nowhere in the city could i find one the side that says this one block rule. if
6:41 pm
somebody was visiting for the first time? how what they know this? berkeley is not alone. handfuls of the city have leaked this out. and a message to berkeley. please let people understand the law, not against the law. in berkeley, stanley roberts. >>catherine: and bing crosby gulf. and the giants are reporting for their spring training. jury has all of your sports coming in up. gary radnich.
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vern glengood evening your bodyd welcome to your sports when it. with buster posy. good evening, everybody and he is
6:45 pm
requesting that he should lose some wheat. nonetheless, baseball fans and the boys of summer have reported for spring training. tomorrow. and and it's got still, ariz. the phillies are going to work with the best rotation and the big league. and giants fans are in clearwater, florida. people are going to say the giants, the giants but the phillies will probably be the favorite of the national league. however, it will be a great season. it sparkethe giants aren the scottsdale, and a the clear water for the, the giants. and now, the guy who
6:46 pm
stayed with the raiders is back. as the defensive back and assistant coach. he made a big day with the will pittsburgh steelers. he will be with the raiders and n f l. roger in the league have claimed in on fair labelabor dispute. one pair-non there- and will keenon fair checkertheg to go to a lot out. the last thing you want to hear now is billionaire is fighting with millionaires. upand tiger woods yesterday at the dubai. this is reported at
6:47 pm
either $500 or up to $16,000. spitting on the green. and it could have impacted somebody else's pocket. pebble beach, bill murray. the fifth hole. this is team competition. he has his share. that he attracts a lot of attention. and he burned points and he won the professional he earned points for the eagle. and bill murray. a caddy shack flashback.
6:48 pm
(speaking in a caddyshack character accent) >> bill moore has been involved in this tournament for several years bill murray. and vern, what you think? >> bing crosby made this famous. and bing crosby. and bill murray has started this since 1992 and he's been the iconic figure. people think of a bill murray. and guys like that. however, bill murray, the zero come to see. >> do think that with bill or mari to victory yesterday bil
6:49 pm
murray yesterday? >> tom watson did not like him. and daring and bruc half. w up in illinois. and he is somebody who has recited every line and the caddie shack. you talk about a seat made in heaven. two points for murray, and 34 the tournament. and with tiger woods thing over into why? nobody missed him. tiger nobody missed them in dubai. >> you will really mean that? >> absolutely! normally, with the pro you have to have every bay area paper, los angeles paper, websites.
6:50 pm
and he is great. however, he was practically elmer fog. >> and with tiger woods, is that a major crime for spitting? >> i have never heard of it before. >> and you heard that the detail at the dinner hour? but it was a very large spit? >> i will tell you, i do not want to try to get into expectations but also the chew tobacco and spit. unlike baseball players. tiger woods is not chew tobacco. but it is like anything to get into the news. >> du predicted tighter will when this year? >> do you predict that tiger woods will win it this year?
6:51 pm
>> my answer is no. >> and art, do think that is great teams are behind them? >> he could win a tournament this year. but i think that is lost his confidence. he does not trust his new swing but he has to learn his new swing. basically, it could be a year it is like a basketball player. and to choose to shoot this way, and if you do not feel comfortable? finally, after a while. >> before we go, let me ask you. for the good of the at&t to you think they need a celebrity update? to put some golf clubs and jay z? >> a little bit. the l.a.
6:52 pm
times was outraged because of the grammy awards. we've never heard of these people. andjustin timberlake please call. >> thank you and jack nicklaus is giving you an honored this summer giving you a golf hall of fame thank you, art. >> any time. >> when we return, a soccer star has had enough.
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>> renaldo is retiring. 34 years of age he says he's had enough. interview micheal vick for the dog charges and he ahs to go on
6:56 pm
oprah winfrey >> see you at 11 oprah winfrey >> see you at 11 t your savings accounts are stuck in the stone age! earn more commodore with interestplus savings at that's new school banking, baby! [ laughs ] instead of earning zilch, your savings will be earning three times the national average. three times more? roger that! go online and sign up at what's in your wallet?! where to sputnik? [ chuckles ]
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christina aguilera almost falls on the grammy stage? i'm lara spencer. >> and i'm chris jacobs. "the insider" is on. ♪ now the party can begin. >> "the insider" is on at the grammys. >> "the insider." is on. >> "the insider." >> is on. >> christina's grammy disaster. >> and lady gaga's egg shell shocker and drug confession. >> i'm not going sugar coat it for 60 minutes that i'm like some sober human being, because i'm not. plus, aretha's first video since her mystery illness. >> i love you all. and, our fashion report card. >> who passed? who failed? >> kim kardashian gets a "c" for
6:59 pm
cleavage. and -- >> is it date night for you guys? then, the latest on the elizabeth taylor's weekend hospitalization. is she in critical condition? and, "pretty woman." the most romantic movies of all time backstory. now from hollywood, "the insider" is on. christina aguilera almost falls on the grammy stage a week after her super bowl fumble. welcome to "the insider." i'm lara spencer. >> and i'm chris jacobs. thank you for joining us. elizabeth taylor's weekend hospitalization. what we just uncovered about the ailing legend. >> but first, chris, everything you missed from music's biggest night. tonight's top story is on. ♪ born this way >> the one and only justin bieber in the hous


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